GO THERE if you like an involved, hands-on owner (Pete!), fun bartenders, and good food. Drinks are drinks, let's be honest. McQ's FRIED RAVIOLIS ARE DELICIOUS! I wish there were more healthy/vegetarian options (hint, hint), but that won't keep me away from here. There is always a fun themed something or other going on, so give them a chance!

Donna S., Gladstone, Oregon

C'mon. A Celtic bar in a strip mall? How good could it be. Actually pretty darned good! My first time here was for Happy Hour (4-7 daily). They have about a dozen food options for special HH prices but the first thing caught my eye were the Irish Balls. Mashed potatoes, cheese, and bacon all rolled in a ball and deep fried. How could you not love that!? I've also the HH Mac & Cheese, chicken strips, jalapeño poppers. All come out hot and exactly as described. They serve a limited breakfast menu on the weekends and have a different special everyday.

The ambience is typical sports bar so don't come here if you mind football, NASCAR, futbol, or basketball. The staff is super here so that makes up a bit for the lack of atmosphere.
Oh, and they are constantly having some kind of themed party on Saturday nights. Back To The Future, Fireball Girls, Halloween. And let's not forget the Karaoke nights.

Paula W, http://www.yelp.com/biz/mcquillans-milwaukie?hrid=7OtD0cCpy7SYFOdd3rnKhA&rh_type=phrase&rh_ident=strip_mall